I HAVE A PONY - five short films with Steven Wright for MTV. ELECTRONIC HIGHWAY - NBC TV pilot - Producer: Brandon Tartikoff, Moving Target Productions. NOTHING UPSTAIRS - two short films - Producer: Alan King Productions. SESAME STREET and THE ELECTRIC COMPANY - dozens of animated and live action shorts for the Childrens’ Television Workshop. ROBERT PALMER, LOU REED with SAM MOORE, THE NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND. three music videos for THE GRATEFUL DEAD: ‘Touch Of Grey’, ‘Just a Little Light’, ‘Foolish Heart’. An extensive list of national advertisers, including:  CHEVROLET, HONDA, AT&T, NINTENDO, SEGA, INTEL, NYNEX, MASTERCARD, COCA COLA, MTV, CBS, WALT DISNEY PICTURES, PARAMOUNT PICTURES, GENERAL FOODS, SCHWEPPES, many more. AMERICAN ZOETROPE PICTURES - CGI animated logo for American Zoetrope productions. LOUIS - one-sheet movie poster design. THE BLACK STALLION - one-sheet movie poster design. THE YOUNG BLACK STALLION - DVD packaging design. TOO FAR TO GO - one-sheet movie poster design. THE COTTON CLUB - one-sheet movie poster design (FFC commissioned version). THE GRATEFUL DEAD MOVIE - one-sheet movie poster design.